Escaperies 001 | Lunch Break

Hi readers!

So many months ago, I came up with a new idea for a blog series. I’d write mini stories. Stories that will allow the writer and reader to escape to a surreal world. I’d call it Escaperies. I thought I had created this word…a quick google search will slash that idea down…heh. Anyways! I will still call this series of blog posts, Escaperies. They’ll be 3 minute reads. I’ll write a super short story based on a picture that will instill a cozy, calm mood in the reader.

Enter the world of Escaperies…


The clock reads 12:03pm. Exhilarated, you clock out for lunch. As you step out of the building in which you’ve spent the last 4 hours in, your feet guide you to your favorite spot. The sun’s rays lightly touch your cold, air-conditioned body and envelops you in warmth.

Doc, doc, crunch, crunch. Your shoes go from concrete to the weathered soil path that you discovered just last week. Thankfully, you’ve unconsciously trained your brain to anticipate your new lunch break routine, so that you’ve dumped all thoughts and worries about your current work project at the door of the building.

Snnnff! Ah! The smell of the forest! The trees and grasses and flowers and rocks.

There it is. In the distance you see a wooden bench. Your bench. You’ve claimed it last week when you happened upon it. And rightfully so. You’ve spent the past lunch breaks studying its shape, it’s build, all the little nicks and holes. Just staring at it, as you do when staring at the beautiful trees and birds that surround this secret alcove. It’s a type of meditation, you have no thoughts. Just observations. You become one with this place.

You sit on the bench and open your lunch bag. My food always seems to taste so much better out here, you think to yourself. Or am I just paying more attention to it?

Nourished, you set your lunch bag to the side. You imagine yourself as an ant, crawling up the side of the tree, up and up, higher and higher. The wind rustles the leaves near you as you-

Ding ding ding! 

Your phone alarm goes off, bringing you abruptly back to reality. Time to walk back to the building.

But first, you close your eyes and thank the secret hiding place for all that it has provided for you. You stand up, invigorated, and start walking. See you again tomorrow.


Escaperies are mini colorful stories to remind us that our minds are powerful. We can be anywhere or feel anything we want at any time through the power of imagination. Find these quick 3 minute reads on your feed on the last day of each month~

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